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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Oracle Interview Questions

1)     What is procedure
2)     What is function
3)     Difference between procedure and function
4)     What is package
5)     What is trigger
6)     What is constraints
7)     Types of constraints
8)     Tell me about group by clause and order by clause
9)     Difference between primary key and unique key
10) How to use truncate in procedure
11) What is Global, public and private variable
12) What are the difference types of data types
13) What is rowid and rownum
14) Different types of psuedo columns
15) What is iterative statement (loops)
16) Types of keys
17) What is cursor
18) What is view
19) Types of views
20) Difference between view and materiazlied view and its usage
21) Inline view and subquery (difference)
22) Explain DDL, DML and TCL(transaction control language)
23) What are the DDL, DML and TCL commands
24) What is magic table in trigger or in oracle
25) What Is sequence
26) What is a HINT and what are types HINT?
27) What do u mean by EXCEPTION_INIT Pragma ?
28) Describe Oracle database’s physical and logical structure ?
29) Can a trigger written for a view ?
30) Can you create index on view ?
31) What is explain plan and how is it used?
32) Describe the use of %ROWTYPE and %TYPE in PL/SQL

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